Carport Kits Online

Carport Kits Online

Carport Kits Online
How does this carport fit into this scenic mountain home so well? It was designed to match by the homeowner himself!

Tired of having no say in the architecture of what gets built on your property? Bored with all the classic designs of garages and carports that you’ve seen in catalogs? Want a space that’s personal and uniquely tailored to your needs without dropping a ton of extra cash?

Assembling your own personally design carport kit is right for you. Build a metal building right in your backyard based on a custom design that you made online. Elephant Structures offers carport kits online that are customized to your own standards, build by your your intuition, and assembled and anchored in your backyard by your own sweat and hard work.

Adapt Carport Kits Online: Design for your Reality

Customers across the US rely on our carport kits to park their trucks in, to set up shop in, to stable their horses, to store their extra belongings, to cover their hens and roosters, and many more options. Whether they lived on a mountain in Washington State or on the balmy Florida coast, these customers found their perfect carport kits online, customizing using the builder application. Try it yourself! You can build as many designs as you like for free, and order a carport to your door with a click of a button.

Our kits adapt to any climate and to any soil conditions inherent on your property. Re-bar anchors maintain secure carport conditions in sandy soil and even through loose shale. Lay down a concrete pad before we arrive at your door to deliver your carport kit, and you’ll be able to easily screw your steel beams into the foundation. You’ll even receive a discount on full price of your carport, a percentage given to you for your DIY skill and industrious nature.

All carport kits online are build tough to stand against summer thunderstorms and winter blizzards. You can customize and certify your carport online with a wind rating from 80 mph – 150mph and a snow load rating between 20lb/sq ft – 60 lb/sq ft, preparing you for any severe weather that ever dares to come your way!

Carport kits online are completely customizable to your needs. Just go to and follow our custom building application. Think of it as a user-friendly 3D printer that prints out a full-fledged steel version of your design and delivers it to your door in a matter of weeks. That’s the convenience of!

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