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Elephant Structures: King of Carport Manufacturers

Why choose Elephant Structures over competitor carport manufacturers? Because of what we value: individuality, durability, and sustainability.

Elephant Structures is the best of all Carport Manufacturers
How did we gain a good reputation in 48 states?

Elephant Structures Values Individuality: Our carports are customizable and upgradable to cater to the needs of each individual customer.  

Catering to customers in 48 states across America, we’ve developed a way to make sure that each and every customer gets all the features they’re looking for in a new carport. Our online carport builder provides every one of our customers with the ability to design the carport of their dreams, no architectural or construction experience required. Update a virtual model of your carport from a long list of options, and watch your budget update as well, listing the total price of the carport and your total 10% down payment right on screen.

Are buildings are even versatile outside of the virtual world, with components that are easy to construct and deconstruct as you please. Our carports are available to be updated at any time because believe that our carports to adapt to our customers, not the other way around.

Elephant Structures Values Durability: Our carports stand strong and look great for decades to come.

Some people take a look at our affordable prices and make the unjustified leap that our materials are probably be just as “cheap.” Really, it’s the opposite that’s true. Our prices are so low because advanced machinery produces each structure and expert engineers control a system that makes buildings into the optimum strength. Though our high quality material might be a little pricier than your average sheet metal, the efficiency of our factory process lets us keep our prices low.

We never compromise on stability. All our structures are tested to hold up to intense storms and heavy snow loads, and an Elephant Structures certified structure has the added assurance of being tested against Category III hurricane winds of 130mph or more.

Our steel is heavy duty and triple sealed by hot dip galvanization, zinc dust, and paint sealant to ensure that water, air, mold, and critters never compromise the structural integrity of your carport. The customizable coating that colors our carports also is guaranteed not to chip, flake, or crack for at least 3 decades. Unlike many other paint jobs, they don’t need to be power washed to regain their original shine. All our metal carports need is a quick rinse from a garden hose to look brand new!

Elephant Structures Values Sustainability: Our commitment to long lasting structures is also a commitment to stable, environmentally friendly products.

Steel is 100% recyclable. Our structures are 100% steel. The facts add up: our steel carports are 100% recyclable. How many carport manufacturers can cite that?

We promote our carports as an environmentally friendly choice because of their function as well as their steel material. Not only will putting a roof over your vehicle increase its longevity, it’ll prevent dangerous chemical exhaust drips from collecting in run-off and contaminating America’s lakes, streams, and drinking water. Our carports don’t just benefit our individual customers, they protect a whole community, ensuring safe drinking water for all Americans.

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