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Galvanized Steel is the Ideal Carport Metal

Steel has long been a favorite material for producing sturdy, reliable structures at a low price. In this post, wants to show why we choose zinc-coated, or “galvanized,” steel for our carport metal, rejecting aluminum and wood as wasteful, weaker production materials.

Carport Metal
What is it about galvanized steel that makes it so popular?

The History of our Carport Metal, Galvanized Steel:

While steel has been in use for centuries, the process of galvanizing steel to make it corrosion resistant didn’t come into practice and production until the mid 19th century. The galvanization process had first drawn the interest of a French chemist in 1742. Later in the 1700’s, galvanization’s namesake, Luigi Galvani, discovered the strange electro-potential of metals when he realized that he could animate severed frogs’ legs by touching different metals to opposite sides of the muscle, thereby making an electric circuit. A technique using the same principles was patented 100 years later by a French engineer to coat metals with zinc. Ever since its conception, galvanized steel has been exceedingly popular for industries across the globe, being strong, relatively lightweight, and corrosion resistant.

See the American Galvanizers Association’s website for more detail about the history of galvanized carport metal.

Why does it make the perfect carport metal?

Galvanized steel is water resistant and fire resistant up to significant temperatures. It will not weaken, even when scratched.  Our carport metal has two extra layers of external protection, and an internal zinc dust coating on metal beams in order to ensure that our structures will never weaken as a result of rust, rodents, or mold. The paint on steel is guaranteed not to chip, crack or flake for 30 years. It’ll keep it’s color with minimal fading after a few decades, and all you have to do to make it look brand new is to rinse it with a garden hose.  Check out our sustainability page to see more about why we choose steel as the ideal carport metal.

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