Carport News Update: Collapses and Fires

Carport News Update: Collapses and Fires

Recently, there’s been a string of snow storms throughout the country. Although this is to be expected, it still comes with costs to places where people aren’t prepared. In areas where snow accumulates quickly or lingers for a prolonged amount of time, it is especially important to have all structural buildings on your property certified. The instance that took place in Weiser, Idaho recently sent a man to the hospital. The instance is extremely unfortunate, as the man is in critical condition. Officials are reporting he has a broken pelvis and leg after a wooden carport collapsed on him. The carport was not able to support the snow load it held, and collapsed entirely as a result. The man called Christensen was heading out to clean off the roof of his home. When he left the front door, several witnesses say the entire carport fell immediately when he closed the door. The fire chief  Kerry Nyce was quoted as saying “He went outside slammed the door and 10 seconds later she heard a big bang, thud and went out there and no more carport, and he was yelling and screaming underneath. Also fortunately, a woman called 911 immediately and the fire department was able to arrive on the scene quickly. It still took the firefighters an hour to get the man out from underneath the carport. The police chief said, “We used chainsaws, air bags, Jaws of Life and made a port hole and started pealing back the roofing and the plywood and cutting the rafters and finally got him out. The barbecue probably saved his life because it created a void for his chest and his head, had it not been there, it probably would have crushed him all.”

Carport Fire in Fullerton

Recently Fullerton, California, a wooden carport caught fire and as a result of collapse and heat damage it ruined five vehicles that were underneath it. The police officers in the area are conducting an investigation as arson was suspected. By the time officials had arrived on the scene the carport was completely in flames, and nothing could be done to save the property underneath. A witness of the fire, Ronald Moss, said, “I just saw people running out here trying to get their valuables but by then it was already over here. The heat melting other cars so it was no possibility of getting anything.”

On a positive note, accelerant was found at the scene, meaning the fire was intentionally set. The investigators are pursuing a woman named “Maria Angel.” A witness, Henri Diaz said, “She got mad at her boyfriend so she lit a cigarette up and she put it on the ground. She walked away and the fire just, yeah.” This occurrence is truly unfortunate and crime is something no one expects until it happens to them. We send our thoughts and compassion to everyone involved regarding their property and mental well-being. It’s sickening to know that someone can so casually affect someone else’s life in such a heinous way. We here at Elephant Structures hope to always provide you with a way to protect your belongings safely and affordably.

24x21 Metal Garage with White Roof and Black Trim

Elephant Structures Carports

Steel is resistant to fire, and if you’re looking to avoid snow load collapse we offer certification options to help you combat nearly every severe weather scenario. The best method for protecting your property is not wooden carports, it’s unavoidably steel. We’ve known this for a long time, and we hope to continually engineer the best steel carports possible. We’ve been in the business of constructing metal buildings for 37 years, and the quality of our metal carports shows it. We’ve built countless carports for countless satisfied customers, and have learned from years of engineering and building our company that the customer’s opinions desires are what matters. Elephant doesn’t force you to choose from a standard set of buildings, we let you customize your own, and give you more options than you need, just so you can get exactly the building that you’re looking for. Our metal carports are the best in the business, and we take pride in protecting property and peace of mind with them, as well as the livelihood and happiness of our loyal customers. If you have questions about our metal carports, we have shop by photos available on our website, and a custom builder here.

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