Carport or Garage: Which Should I Choose?

When choosing between a carport or garage, there are a number of factors to take into account. True, you have to consider the cost, but even garage can be customized and be as inexpensive as a metal carport. So here’s a good list for determining whether you want a carport or garage. Enjoy!

Firstly, what’s the difference between a carport and a garage? Well, carports are designed to be used without requiring an access door. They can have no walls, two walls, or even three walls, as long as they’re open for a car to pull in and out. Garages, on the other hand, are always fully enclosed and have a garage door and sometimes a walk-in access door.

Each design offers a number of benefits–you just have to decide which is the best fit for you!

Carport Benefits

To quote the late, great architect Frank Lloyd Wright, “A car is not a horse, and it doesn’t need a barn.” Yes, Wright took a fancy to carports as early as 1936. Cars have long luxuriated in the protection of carports, and it’s time yours did, too. Metal carports are a cost-efficient way to protect your vehicle without having to tuck it away and out of sight. It’s protected against your basic damaging weather conditions like snow, rain, hail, sun, and yes, even those sneaky falling leaves that eat at your clear coat. Extra walls add extra protection; the choice is up to you!

You can customize your metal building to include walls, doors, windows, and have it fit the exact dimensions you need.

Garage Benefits

Garages offer more protection against theft, vandalism, and environmental hazards. Garage doors allow you to enable access by vehicles big and small, while still being able to close up the space. Your car’s still protected against snow, rain, hail, sun, wind, and leaves, and you get the added benefits of extra storage space for your tools and equipment! Customize your garage to make it just the way you want it.

Ready to pick out a carport or garage design?

Carport Garage Combo

You could even get a carport-garage combo–just fill out this custom quote form or give us a call!

Remember: Just because you’re not driving it, doesn’t mean your vehicle is safe from damage. By getting a metal carport or garage from Elephant Structures, you’ll save yourself the time, cost, and headache of damage to your cars, trucks, and equipment.

When you shop Elephant Structures, your metal structure–whichever you choose–will be custom built to your specifications. Fine steel components come together to form a quality product, carport or garage, that you’re sure to be pleased with.

If you’re interested in all the ins and outs of the whole carport vs. garage question, be sure to keep checking back!

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