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Protect your Car with a Carport San Antonio TX
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Carport San Antonio TX

It’s been a hot, dry couple of years for folks in San Antonio TX, and it’s become increasingly important to have a shelter to park your vehicle out of the harsh sun. UV rays damage your car, and with over exposure, the paint on the car can fade, warp, and chip off.  A metal carport from Elephant Structures is a cheaper, more functional alternative than bringing that car into the paint shop every year. We’ve found you a carport San Antonio TX! It’s just the carport your looking for, because you designed it yourself!

On, you design an affordable carport exactly to your specifications.  Our Build ID system updates instantly as you add or remove features. Need a double wide garage to park two pickup trucks? Need a shed for a workshop space with windows and a garage door? Need an open air carport to catch a cool breeze? Design it yourself, on It only takes a few minutes to build the perfect carport for you. Free delivery and installation is included in your purchase!

Protect that beautiful paint job on your car with a new carport.  A metal shelter also makes a great spot for proper car maintenance. Did you know that it’s best to wash and buff your car out of the sun, in the shade? Getting a carport from Elephant Structures gives you easy access to proper car maintenance, a place to store your tools and to protect your car.

Support American Craftsmanship with Elephant Structures – Carport San Antonio TX

By ordering from Elephant Structures, you’re supporting products that are built by Americans for Americans. All our steel products are %100 American made. We deliver and install carports all across the US. Our customers support us in 48 states because we give them the freedom to design a carport for their own needs, and we are courteous and respectful to their individual requests.  We’re proud of our affordable, durable carports, and our great customer service team.

Look for a Carport San Antonio TX?

For more car maintenance information, a quote on a custom carport, or to ask about sweet deals and promotions, call us at (855) 227-7678.

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