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Carport Vs. Garage

Some of our customers here at Elephant that call in know exactly what it is that they want. Our team of buildings advisors assist those customers with ensuring the building desired fits their needs. Then the order is processed, manufactured, shipped, and installed.

Some customers that call in require a little more assistance. Often they’re unsure of which product will meet their requirements, and as such we’ve decided to give customers a short explanation on the two most commonly sought after structures. Carport vs. Garage.

First we’ll start off with the three styles of each. Both Carport and Garage can be outfitted in three roofing styles, certified, and with 12 gauge framing. The three styles are:

Regular: Regular is sloped, and the panels run from front to back. This roof style is commonly inquired about due to it’s easy edges and affordable engineering.

Boxed Eave A-Frame: A more angular design, with sharp edges and an overhang instead of the looped around edges the Regular roof sports. The panels run from front to back.

Vertical: Our most premium option, with similar angular design to the Boxed Eave. However, the overlapping panels require a hat channel, as they run from side to side. Therefore, your base vertical roof is going to be the strongest of the three. Not to mention rain will be naturally guided from side to side, hopefully keeping you a little more dry while you carry in the groceries, etc.


The carport is a universally useful structure, it can be used for just about anything, as long as it involves storage. If it’s livestock, motorcycles, vehicles, play areas, hobby shops, work shops, a carport is an efficient and quick and easy method. Moreover, they’re the most affordable line of structures that we offer. You see them everywhere, if you start to look. Next time you’re out for a drive, see if you spot one of these:

18x26 Two Car Carport


The garage is more useful than the carport in most situations. It’s more expensive, but when it comes to getting what you pay for the garage is no slouch. All of our structures are extremely customizable to the point of endless combinations. It’s one of the main tenets of our business here.

The are simply more options with the garage, however. If a customer decides to protect a car from rain or hail, the carport can do the job. When it comes to theft, flying debris, aggressive winds, and other intruders, having side and end walls is the best move.

18x21 One Car Metal Garage

Both of the above structures can be certified and reinforced with stronger steel, but even the panels can be reinforced on the garage. Therefore, the structure you get is simply stronger.

Carport Vs. Garage

Ultimately, the decision of carport vs. garage comes down to what your needs are. If you’re in need of something quick and simple at an affordable rate, a carport is a great easy access product. For that extra bit of protection, more of an environment than an area, the garage is your go to product. If you still have trouble deciding, don’t let the price of either determine for you. Our online builder is a fantastic way to customize your carport or garage and get an immediate presentation of your structure.

We also have a plethora of products available in our shop by photo section for garagescarports, and more. If you still don’t see what you want there, feel free to fit out a custom quote form. We also offer financing options for customer who need assistance in purchasing a structure. Remember, installation and delivery is free when you go with Elephant. There’s no one better. Call now for a free consultation from one of our building advisors. They communicate directly with a group of engineers for your building, ensuring there’s no way you won’t get what you need. On behalf of Elephant Structures, have a great day!

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