Carport Wall Ideas

Carport Wall Ideas for Redoing your Garage

Carport Wall Ideas For Suiting Up your Carport
An excellent example of how to suit up a carport.

A Few Carport Wall Ideas for cleaning out that cramped covered carport or garage!

One of the great things about carports is that they’re extremely versatile, easy to clean out, upgrade and reorient to your needs. Here’s a few remodeling tips and carport wall ideas to save you space and hassle.

Carport wall ideas: Once you clear out all the stuff that’s accumulated in your garage and have some space to work, install shelving along the walls to keep the space clear.  Shelving or another kind of vertical storage system is an affordable way to keep your garage clear.  Ensuring that your stuff has a place to go will save you from sacrificing future weekend time to binge garage cleaning sessions. Clean your garage once and for all, and never look back!

Carport Wall Ideas: If you’ve got creative talent, spray painting the walls of your steel carport can be a fun way to beautify the space. The best way to paint a carport is to spray paint a few coatings over the existing color, or to use your colored steel sheeting as a backdrop for illustrations and designs. While you probably won’t do too much damage, we don’t recommend that you try to sand off the paint before you apply a top coat. Elephant Structures carports use triple sealed steel, so even if you take off the top layer, your carport will still be fully rust resistant.

Carport Wall Ideas: Talk to us about attaching insulation to your walls to turn your carport into fully functioning workshop or an extra living space through the cold of winter and in the hot summers.

Carport Wall Ideas: Cleaning the exterior of your Elephant Structures carport is easy! Rinse your walls with a garden hose to clear off dust and pollen and to make your carport shine. Steel color almost never fades, looking brand new for decades down the road.

Finally, if you’re planning on major renovations, like removing a wall or adding a garage door, get in touch with our helpful customer service department (866-886-9337). We’ll walk you through it, and be on call for your questions every step of the way. And feel free to check our other post on carport wall ideas to transform your carport into a rec room, an extra bedroom, or a man cave.

See this article for more clean-up, remolding and carport wall ideas. For more tips and garage knowledge, get in touch with on Facebook and Twitter. We’re always happy to hear from our customers!

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