Carports For Sale in Charlotte NC – What to Know

Carports for Sale in Charlotte NC may need a permit or two
Elephant Structures makes it easy to design, legalize, and install your custom carport!

What to Know About Carports for Sale in Charlotte NC

Zoning Ordinances and Building Permits in Layman’s Terms

Attaching a carport to your house in Mecklenburg County, NC isn’t a lengthy or tedious process by any means, but it does require a careful read of the Mecklenburg County and the City of Charlotte Zoning Ordinances.  At Elephant Structures, we want to streamline the process for you as much as possible. See below for the simple version of what to know when installing carports in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding area. Unfortunately, you’ll have to get in touch with your local city or county office, as the rules vary widely according to the part of the city that you live in. We’ll explain the legal jargon for you so that you can easily get a permit from your local government and get on the fast track to installing your metal carport.

Obtaining a building permit requires a few pieces of information submitted to your local government office. If you live in Mecklenburg County, NC, and you’re planning on installing a carport that has a length, height, or width greater than 12 ft, you may require a building permit.  The process for applying for your permit is (supposedly) speedy, 2 days at the most for processing. If you need a building permit (definitely call  704-336-3819 and ask first!) you’ll need to submit:

– A general description or plan of the carport

– Location of the carport (your address)

– Signature of the owner or licensed agent

– Price of the work,  including labor and materials (which is all included in the price you see when you buy from!)

How makes it Easy To Install Carports for Sale in Charlotte NC

All Elephant Structures Carports are built to meet local building standards. We offer certified, strengthened structures ready to meet the engineering requirements for your permit. Ask your local government office if you need a certified structure.

Elephant Structures makes it easy for you to obtain a building or zoning permit yourself, giving you instant access to the full price of your work when you design a carport online. In addition, when you order an Elephant Structures carport that you need a permit for, we’ll send you generic stamped prints of the design and site specific calculations at your request.  We make it easy to design, legalize, and install your carport.

Jargon to know when talking to your local zoning office:

  • An “Accessory Building” –  A carport on your property in Mecklenburg County is known as an “accessory building” in legal jargon. This is useful to know when you’re searching on the internet or on the phone with a representative.
  • It’s very important that when you’re talking to a representative about building your carport that you specify whether or not it’s going to be attached to your house or separate from your house. This may not make a whole lot of difference to you or me, but to the local government, they’re completely different animals that require separate permits.
  • A “Building Setback” – Building setbacks are the requirements in your area for how close to the road you are allowed to build structures. You probably won’t have a problem with this one, but make sure to ask.

 Inquiring about Carports for Sale in Charlotte NC

Who to Call to know the specific permit requirements according to your zone and residence:

In Charlotte, NC: Neighborhood Development (to get a building permit), 704-336-7600 and the Zoning Office (for Q’s about the rules of your zone), 704-336-3819

In Cornelius. NC:  704-892-6031

In Huntersville, NC: 704-875-6541

In Davidson, NC: 704-892-7591

For General Zoning Inquiries in Mecklenburg County, NC: 704-432-RTAC

The Mecklenburg County website is also very helpful for general questions about carports for sale in Charlotte NC, or if you’re ready to custom design and build your own, you’ll find carports for sale in Charlotte NC on our site.

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