Carports Offer Covered Spaces

18x21 Two Car Carport with Green Regular Roof and Gabled Ends

Many older homes did not have an attached garage when the home was originally built. Some of these older homes may have had a single car attached garage which was converted into additional living space as families grew. For people that have an older home or one without a garage, there are carports available which provide a covering for your vehicle to protect it from the elements.

Customizable Carports Available Online

Carports are available in all different sizes, ranging from small covered units to huge units large units which can provide ample parking spaces for up to four different vehicles. These units are made out of steel to be sturdy and can even be designed to have side and rear walls, or turned into garage. Further customization is available to choose the color of the unit and different colors can be picked for the roof, sides and trim. People desiring to add covered space to their homes can order carport units from Carport.Com.

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