Carports Provide Sheltered Parking for Your Car

Carports were first created to provide a covered area to park your car after they were made affordable to purchase by the general public. Up until that time, people did not have garages and had used barns to provide shelter for their horses. Since the early models of cars were open-topped, there was a need for covered protection. Since that time these units became popular with people. Even today you will find that people have both garages and carports.

Carports Come in All Sizes from Single Wide to Triple Wide Units

When you want a carport you will need to decide how big of a unit you desire. Carports come in all size structures, with small single wide units for a small compact car, all the way up to large triple wide units, tall enough to park your RV under. You will find you can use our custom building tool, here at Carport, to create you own unique design in just about any size you need.

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