Metal building with valley style roofing and one lean to on the side.

Carports: Utility, Versatility, Functionality

Carports aren’t just for storing cars (although they are really good at that!). With space-sizes ranging from a single-car steel carport to the larger three car garage-style models, you have a wide variety of options for the use of your carport.

Elephant steel carports are often used in an agricultural setting. (Our sister company Elephant Barns offers larger enclosed steel buildings that satisfy enclosed-barn needs.) Often our customers use their carports to shelter their farm equipment that will not fit in barns, to cover livestock enclosures, or use them in place of barns. They are the perfect place to stow bales of hay (as seen in the picture below), maintain your agricultural vehicles, or unload your gathered crops.

Carports like this one are often used for agricultural purposes.

Our carports are also frequently used to cover gathering spaces. From porches to decks, from docks to pools, carports make wonderful spaces even better by providing you shelter from rain, sun, and other elements. Enjoy the outdoors no matter the weather; take shelter under an Elephant Structures’ carport and know that you’re getting the most from your property (while also increasing your property value with a steel carport that will last for years and years!).

Go ahead, give our patented carports buildID system a try.

With buildID, you’re able to design and price out your ideal carports or other metal buildings instantly on our website without having to fill out any forms! The system also gives you a buildID number that can be saved and entered later so you don’t have to rebuild your carport every time.

If you’re ready to take the plunge and learn more about steel carports and how they could benefit your life or business (or if you’re just ready to order!), feel free to give one of our Metal Structures Experts a call at 855-CAR-PORT. We’d be more than happy to walk you through the buying process and place your order when you’re ready!

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