Cheap Garage for DIY Repairs

Cheap Garage for DIY Upgrades and Repairs

Elephant Structures carports are great for vehicle repairs of all shapes and sizes. If you’re in need of a space to continue your hobby without dropping a ton of cash on a fancy residential garage, a custom designed cheap garage or carport will provide you an affordable price and a durable, high quality steel product.

Cheap Garage
An affordable garage that will save you money for years down the road!

Our carports are affordable in price, but durable and versatile in the long term. Even the lowest price models are assured to provide the qualities that you’ll need to protect your vehicle’s, your repair equipment, and to provide you with a comfortable workspace. You can design your garage online, using our instant updating budget calculator to select and pick the features that will meet your needs. Make sure to also consult our car sizer application before using.

To keep our prices low, we have streamlined the manufacturing process, sending the custom designs that you create online direct to our factory technicians. In a matter of weeks, steel sheeting will be cut and shaped into your exact specifications. We include free delivery and installation in the total price of your structure, so no need to worry about extra charges or costs. Your carport or garage will be delivered, assembled, and anchored right into the soil of your property on the spot of your choosing, and it will stand there and serve you well for decades to come!

A Few Simple Steps to Suiting up a Cheap Garage into the Ultimate Mechanic Shop

It’s also a good idea to build up a repertoire of tools. Much like you new steel garage, you can think of these tools as an investment to save you money in the future. Suit up with just the basics, oil changes, alternators, starters, and brakes, or go all out prepare for more complicated repairs.  Having the space to upgrade, build, and repair will save you for years down the road. You may never have to bring your car to the Jiffy Lube again, saving you hundreds of dollars annually and giving you the convenience of working in your own home!

Elephant Structures is an American company dedicated to improving the lives of our customers with custom made affordable carport manufactured exactly to preference. To get updated on more of our DIY ideas for your cheap garage, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!




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