Chicken Coop Custom Carports

Chicken Coop Custom Carports

Elephant Structure’s DIY carport kits seem to breed the DIY spirit. Check out the ingenuity of these Chicken Coop Custom Carports.

We’ve written a few articles about the various ways that our structures can be used, but we never cease to be proud of the resourcefulness of our customers.  Check out these chicken coop custom carports made from our standard model carports.

All our carports are customizable online, able to be adjusted to your exact specifications. Their versatility makes them so great for chicken coop and other DIY projects.  Choose your carport’s open doors, colors, dimensions, and walls. Choose from three different roof styles and a variety of other options to personalize your carport into the building that you need.

Tool-shed, workshop, garage, or chicken coop- whatever you have in mind for your design, we’ll help you build it. You’ll also receive free installation and delivery when you order from, but all custom carports are also DIY friendly, able to be assembled entirely by the customer that designed them.

Chicken Coop Custom Carports
Check out this ingenious customer who’ve proven the versatility of an Elephant Structures carport by transforming it into a Chicken Coop.

Our carports can be anchored right into the ground. The carport chicken coop in this first photo was in fact, anchored into shale and rocky earth, but was easily stabilized. The customer filled out the inside with wooden chicken huts, with an open air structure that allowed for ventilation and fresh air. The same protection that carports can provide for your vehicles also protected these chickens. All our carports can hold up to heavy snow loads, high winds, and intense storms.

Chicken Coop Custom Carport
Here’s another customer who expanded upon a chicken coop housed under an Elephant Structures carport.

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