Coast Coast Carport

Coast Coast Carport
48 states and counting, we build custom carports for boats, cars, trucks, RVs and more.

Coast Coast Carport

Elephant Structures sells carports from Coast to Coast in 48 US states. All of our products are made in America, and we offer free delivery and installation for most states. Whether you’re a sea captain or a landlubber who loves to escape to open water, a carport would save you money on slip and docking fees by conveniently storing your boat at home. 

Coast Coast Carport: Save Money and have the Convenience of Storing your Boat at Home

Boat season is winding down. It’s getting time for coastal dwellers across the US to think about prepping their boat for the Fall. Whether you’re planning those last trips into the Atlantic, the Pacific, the Gulf of Mexico, or the lake down the road, you could use a carport to protect your boat and other recreational vehicles at home!

Boating is an expensive hobby, but no matter the cost, it’s always worth it to be on the water. Though slip fees vary from place to place across the country, renting a spot in a marina will add up. Even just after a year, the price of renting a slip to store your boat will far exceed the minimal cost of a steel carport. Buying a boat slip can be as expensive as buying a house. Why spend so much money on a slip when you could pay a single fee for delivery installation of a carport which would give you protection for decades!

A carport also provides assurance that your boat will be protected against the elements, whereas a boat slip will not. Our  carports are prepared for severe weather from climates all across the country. Certified structures are wind-rated at 130mph and are guaranteed against heavy snow loads and hail. With corrosion resistant triple sealed steel, you can be sure that humidity won’t weaken your metal shelter at all. Steel carports are sustainable structures that will better the ecosystem in your backyard as well as your closest body of water.

Customize your carport on our website to match the dimensions and style of your boat.  You can make as many designs as you like. will update your price instantly as you add or remove features, enabling you to adjust your carport to your specifications and your budget. Consider the convenience of storing your boat and other vehicles at home in an Elephant Structures carport.

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