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Why a Commercial Garage is Great for Start-up Businesses

Armchair economists. Everyone knows one, and if they don’t then they are one.  A priori philosophers who believe the massive economical system with all of it’s global intertwining and nuanced traits can be accurately discussed and explained from the comfort of their living room. For a while now people have believed that the economy is directly correlated to their personal emotions or life. Unfortunately, it’s nigh on infinitely complicated and the most respectable economists have a terrible track record. Unless you’re reading this article from under a rock, you’ve felt the economy shift from what it used to be. People aren’t making as much money and they’re scared. When people are scared about the economy they don’t spend money. When people don’t spend money they don’t stimulate the economy. That’s a reductionist way of looking at it, but many economists and media outlets have touted concern for small business. As it turns out, small businesses are doing okay. Even well in some instances.

Many small businesses throughout the country are hiring, and sourced from the New York Fed, “16,000 firms with fewer than 500 employees, more than 60 percent said they expect more revenue in 2017 than last year, and around 40 percent anticipated expanding their workforce.” This is great news for the economy, as corporations are becoming so large they seem to be unable to fail. Regardless of political beliefs, the facts are that job growth on the national level is up. The quality of those jobs and their requirements upon entry are not in question. With unemployment down and economic anxiety somewhat stabilizing at least on the small business level, now may be the time to start a small business. Or rather, it’s as good a time as it has been for a while now.

Small business owners have had it rough for a long while, with the economy still reeling from a near collapse in 2008. Recovery takes time, especially with the wealth of misinformation and fear mongering for capitalistic motivation. It’s difficult to tell the reasons why small businesses are on the rise. One common theory in the blogosphere is that people have short memories. The recession we experienced never truly had an end date, but media outlets are certainly less likely to throw around the word these days. Their attentions have been directed to other topics, and with great fervor. The common consumer is relatively optimistic at least in regards to statistics and how they handle their money. The average person has seemingly forgotten about how quickly the economy was swept out from under them. They fail to remember how many of there neighbors lost their homes, or at least they neglect to. Regardless, starting a business now is better for a plethora of reasons that are really only quantifiable with endless research and evaluation. Even then, the conclusions would be speculative at best. The best that a businessman has is the numbers, and the numbers are getting better.


Why Your Small Business Needs a Commercial Garage

If you’re starting a small business, you probably need storage space. Commercial garages are a great way to protect your product and your wallet. When it comes to buying property for your small business, money is usually the determining factor. Our commercial garages are affordable, but still high quality. We know that longevity is what a small business owner is concerned with, and our commercial garages last for decades. That’s not the only reason that small business owners are turning to Commercial Garages instead of renting storage buildings.

Utilitarian Design and Customization Options

All of our buildings are engineered to be almost infinitely customizable. Pretty much whatever you intend to store inside your commercial garage you can after customizing it. We have customers that have even customized our commercial garages to include their business as well as storage for their business. Commercial garages are usually large, so you’ll have to speak to a building advisor or fill out a custom quote in order to design it. Feel free to call in and speak to one of our building advisors as well. The primary directive at our company is getting the building that the customer wants. We are also aware that small business owners want a building that is quality, and all of our buildings are quality. The commercial garage is exceptionally so, as Elephant Structures is well aware that customers deserve the best.

Cost and Installation

In the minds of most of our customers, the competition to our buildings is something wooden. Wood buildings can look nice on any property but metal buildings can as well.  However, when it comes to longevity, maintenance, cost, utility, hazard, insurance, taxes, and the environment metal buildings win. Moreover, if a customer is invested in the wooden buildings aesthetic the commercial garage can still be outfitted with after-market wood paneling. As a testament to the customization options, some of them have been converted into full on homes. Really, the only competition is installation. When it comes to installing your commercial garage, we’ll do it for free. That’s right, you read that correctly. Moreover, we’ll deliver it for free as well. Elephant Structures is in the business of selling quality buildings and satisfying customers. Also, you don’t have to get a commercial garage to reliably store your products or business. A regular garage can get you by, as well as a DIY garage kit. You can build the structure yourself and make adjustments as needed if you choose too.

For Growth and Expansion

One of the main things small businesses are focused on is growth. Some aren’t, and that’s perfectly fine. A base commercial garage may be all that your company needs, and if that’s the case more power to you. The economy suffers when certain corporations grow too big, which the common consumer is becoming aware of. When you don’t care about the customer, your company has grown too large. Nevertheless, if it is your goal to grow and expand then a commercial garage is a great starting point. Our installation crews can come out and add partitions, lean-to’s, etc. Also, if you just want to install extra metal panels on your building later yourself we sell individual products as well.

Elephant Structures is Pro Small Business

The economy is a fickle beast but the numbers are promising this year. If you’re just starting up your business or if you’re looking to expand the commercial garage is a great starting point. The commercial garage depicted above is in our product catalog here. If you’re reading this looking for something smaller, be sure to browse our shop by photo section or check with a building advisor. You can call in right now for a free consultation. Customers shouldn’t forget that installation and delivery is free with your purchase of a building, all that’s required is a level piece of ground to install it. We recommend a concrete foundation. You won’t regret choosing Elephant Structures’ commercial garage for your small business.

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