Commercial Uses of a Carport, Garage, or Barn

Metal Buildings Provide Various Commercial Applications

At Elephant Structures, we don’t only build our products for residential homes! With nearly unlimited size options, a business owner or commercial entity manager could make fantastic use out of one of our metal carports, garages, or barns. Just a few of the potential commercial uses are:

  • Inventory Storage for convenient inventory replenishment, lowering costs
  • Marina Cover for boat protection, useful for residential and commercial use
  • Retail Facility that is safe, durable, and low maintenance
  • Park Bench/Picnic Area which will increase traffic to your park since people love picnic areas
  • Auto Garages and Workshops for hobbyists, car-lovers, and commercial needs
  • Parking Space for Employees or Customers which should increase employee moral and encourage business traffic on bad weather days
  • Solar Panels and Solar Energy Gathering, which is great for Public Relations
  • Equipment and Warehouse Storage to keep your valuables safe! Your business depends on it!

The opportunities and commercial uses are endless, and endlessly helpful! With Elephant Structures’, you will be making an investment into a quality structure, customized by you, and delivered and installed for free by us! If you have the team available, however, you can save 5% on the final price by opting to install your structure yourself!

commercial uses

The Builder and Our Designers

Feel free to tinker with and design the perfect metal structure using our carport and garage builder, or our metal barn builder! Although our builders can be fantastic tools, they have limitations. So please keep in mind that if the online builder isn’t allowing you to build the right size structure, or isn’t allowing you to build certain specifications, please call one of our sales engineers at 855-CAR-PORT! We can customize our buildings to fit your needs! Also, like us on Facebook for more information, blog articles, and stories!

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