Country House Plan with Carport

Country House Plan with Carport:

Vacation Living Spaces

Country House Plan with Carport
An attached or detached carport will fit right into a country sanctuary.

A country house provides a private space, a personal sanctuary. The ideal country home has a thick forest to hike in, a lake in the front to boat and to fish in, and a mountain to ski on in the winter. While many country homes have these essentials in their back or front yard, many of the houses themselves are quite old, designed at a time when the builders weren’t necessarily thinking about shelter and storage space for modern conveniences.   You may need a spot to store that sailboat when you’re away, or a place to park the 4 wheelers in the winter. A country house would be an ideal location to park an RV when you had a proper space to shelter it. And when you bring the whole family together for a Christmas gathering, an extra covered space saves the family cars from getting trapped under a blanket of snow.

Upgrade your Country House Plan with Carport Additions

One of the best ways to get the extra space that you need to enjoy your time away is to upgrade your country house plan with carport additions. Steel carports fit right onto an old house, with the design and durability to hold up to the country weather. A certified steel carport from Elephant Structures is rated to last 130mph winds along with heavy snow loads or turbulent rain fall.  Stylize your county house plan with carport additions by designing a custom carport online, picking the dimensions, the roof, the color, the doors, and the windows to match your country home. There are lots of ways to design a carport and make it into your own personal space. You could even design a country house plan with carport additions that you’ll turn into woodworking shops or an art studios.

Elephant structures will manufacture the carport design according to your exact specifications and deliver it right to your door. Offering free installation and delivery for most US states, our crew will be happy to secure the structure to your house or anchor it straight into the ground, saving the pains and expenses of pouring a concrete foundation. And with a thirty year guarantee for the paint on your steel structure, ensuring that it won’t chip, flake, or crack, you can be sure that the design you see online will match your country house plan, looking stylish and new for years to come. Whether your house has a modern look or a classic, old country feel, we guarantee you’ll find the design you need. Check out our website, and make as many designs as you want for free!

Elephant Structures would love to talk to you more about your country house plan with carport additions. Get in touch with design questions, architectural concerns, and additional comments on Facebook and Twitter .




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