The inside of a metal carport made easy to maintain with after market lights installed.

Steel Carport Uses You Never Would’ve Thought Of

If you read any of Elephant Structures’ blogs, you’ll have heard us say that a steel carport isn’t just for storing cars anymore. Our creative customers use their carports for all kinds of things, from mobile home covers to gazebos and beyond. We’ve decided to take it a step further and give you a  crazy list of some creative ideas for that we came up with for steep carport use.

Steel Carport Livable Workshop
Workshop / Clubhouse Inside a Carport

Top 6 List of Unusual Steel Carport Uses

  1. Use your steel carport as a clubhouse. As seen in the picture above, carports provide the shelter and privacy you need to get things done! Card games, woodworking, or even just tossing back a beer.
  2. Start your own petting zoo! If you’re an entrepreneur, this could be your calling. Just remember, no one wants to pet a wet goat (that’s where your carport comes in).
  3. Rent it out to Girl Scouts and kids with lemonade standsMake a little money back on your steel carport investment while providing neighborhood kids with a nice shaded area to sell their stuff.
  4. Have a wedding ceremony or reception underneath! Chances are, at some point, you’ll know someone getting married (if you don’t already); why not help out their budget and offer up your steel carport as an affordable location. Maybe then you won’t have to get them a gift…
  5. Community theater. A very unconventional idea indeed, but if you have to go see a play, wouldn’t it be cool to have it out in nature and not get rained on?
  6. A BBQ Cookoff site. Start a new neighborhood tradition and get people to show off their BBQ prowess. And do I have to even say it? Free BBQ for the steel carport owner.

What do you use your steel carport for? Send us pictures of the crazy things you use your carport for and you could be entered in a drawing to win a gift card! Email pictures to

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