Custom Carports Available in a Variety of Sizes

2 Car Carport - Beach Blog

Custom carports offer you the ability to create the shape and size structure that you desire. You can choose from a basic carport design which is large enough to hold a single car. When you need a larger unit, you can step up to double-wide designs which are bigger and large enough to park two vehicles underneath. Larger carports are available as well, when you want one large enough for an RV or have more than two vehicles.


Custom Carports Should Allow Flexibility


Flexibility is important when you need to add covered parking or storage to your home. You want the ability to be able to install a carport directly to the home or be able to have it as a detached structure. Custom carports allow you this flexibility, along with finishing options, where you can even convert the carport into an enclosed structure complete with garage doors, windows and side entry doors. You can custom create your own carport online at Carport, which offers free delivery and prices include installation.

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