Custom Carports Unleash Creativity

Here at Elephant Structures and, we seriously have the best customers. Recently we wrote up a list of crazy carport uses, but we just can’t seem to get as creative as our customers. We love the carport below, which serves as a starting line, finish line, and cover for a go-kart course.

Custom carports can be used for go-karts.

Custom Carports Can Get Crazy-Creative!

(Say that five times, fast.)

The great thing about custom carports is that they really allow you as the buyer to figure out what you need and tailor a steel building to that exact need. A recent popular use for our custom carports has been as a rabbit-enclosure cover. Who would’ve known that such a niche-need would have been met by our galvanized steel carports, but if it works, why not!

Our custom carports aren’t just “custom” in that you get to pick your colors (but yes, you can mix and match our 12 different colors for your roof, trim, and walls!), but also in size. Need a certain length, width, height, or roof style to fit what you need to fit underneath? Shouldn’t be a problem! Check out our carport sizer to see what size you’re going to need for your contents. Do you need certain kinds of doors? We offer frame-outs (holes where doors would traditionally be), walk-in doors, and garage doors for your custom carports as well! Our steel buildings are all sold with free delivery and installation, so you don’t have to worry about picking up or laboring over your building yourself.

If you’re ready to start designing custom carports, head over to the main page of our website, or give us a call at 855-CAR-PORT. Our Metal Shelters Experts are ready to help you design custom carports or other metal structure that is tailored to your unique requirements or ideas (and we know you’ve got some great ones to share!)

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