Custom Garages Offer Flexibility and Storage Options

Vintage car in a garage

Homes that come with a garage are standardized to fit the style and type of home you own, not your car. You may have a one car garage which barely holds you vehicle and offers no additional storage. You could have a two car garage, but again with two vehicles additional storage options are limited. When you want to be able to park all your vehicles in the garage and still have room left over for storage or a work bench, table saw or other items, then you need to look into designing functional custom garages.

Custom Garages Available in Any Size You Want

You can design custom garages which are big enough to hold four vehicles, have their own separate garage doors, and even make it wide enough to install cabinets, or have enough room left to park the lawn mower, store the kids’ outdoor toys, hang up bikes or store your holiday decorations. You can create your own custom garage online at Carport, which features free shipping and installation.

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