Ice Car: Deicing and Preventing

Ice Car:  Deicing and Preventative Care

Simple Steps for deicing your vehicle and getting back on the road! 

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Keep the icing off the cake!

At, we understand the debilitating effects of ice, snow, and winter weather. Sure, we’re all dreaming of a white christmas, but there’s not a soul out there that’s dreaming of the “good time” it’ll be to scrape that thick layer of freezing rain and hail that coated the car last night.

Preventative care is the best way to keep your vehicle in top shape for winter.  Know that your work is an investment in your car, truck, boat, harley, or RV to keep it plowing through the snow and to make sure it stays out of the repair shop.

We manufacture a simple solution for all our customers out there who experience a “real” winter. Based in a mountain town in North Carolina, knows how hard ice and snow can hit, and so we build all our carports and garages with heavy duty steel frames. Our carports provide durable protection against rust, ice, and damage from falling branches. During the holidays we know you’ve got places to be, so we put a roof over your family cars and trucks to protect them before the rust, ice, and falling tree branches hit.

When You’re Vulnerable, Follow these Steps to Melt that Ice Car

For a permanent solution to your ice car problems, consider For now, while you’re stuck parking on the road, exposed to the elements, you can follow these tips to fight against the winter weather.

  • Keep your car full of windshield washer fluid with deicer. Sounds simple- because it is – but it’s also critical for when winter lets loose.
  • Make a home-made deicing fluid that you can spray onto your car yourself. There’s a variety of recipes that you can try out there, but this one seems to work particularly well on an intense ice car.
  • If you can open the door, get the car running and crank the heat! Putting the car in neutral and running the engine slowly may waste a little gas, but it’ll melt your ice car much quicker when you’ve got to go!
  • Get a reliable scraper with a brush on the end. Trust us, a spatula and a toothbrush don’t cut it. has helped millions of customers across the USA to battle the icy weather. To quit driving an ice car, and to fully enjoy the winter wonderland out there, trust an Elephant Structures carport. We’ll keep you covered and ready for any season. To learn more about our company, get in touch with us on our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter!


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