Deciding Between Carports and Garages

Metal building kit stands over a Volkswagen van

When you want an area to park your vehicle, you can consider either carports or garages. Garages offer an enclosed area to park your car while giving you the ability to have additional storage space. A carport on the other hand offers a covered parking space which can be used not only for your car, but also as a play area for children on hot sunny days, and a place to park your boat, lawn mower and other outdoor equipment when it is not being used.

Carports Are Easy to Install

Building an enclosed garage can be expensive when you attach this to your home. You will need to build a support structure, roof, walls, and install a garage door. Carports, on the other hand only require a support structure and roof at minimum to begin using the space, which is easy to install. You can design and price your own carport online at

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