Support Legs and Roofs Used on Metal Carports

Metal carports use support legs on at least three sides to hold up the roof. The distance between the frame support legs can range between 4 or 5 feet, depending upon the size of your carport. When you upgrade your carport to include other options, you may need to adjust the overall size of the structure to accommodate all the upgraded features. The metal roof pitch for your carport comes standard and is 3-12. You can call us to get a quote for custom pitch requests when you need a different roof pitch.

Quality Support Legs and Roofs are Crucial to Your Steel Carport!

When you are shopping for metal carports on our website but are not sure when you will need the unit, you can lock in your pricing with a small deposit for up to six months. When you are ready for your order to be processed, contact us and make your final payment. Once we receive the final payment we will process your order. If you have any additional questions about the roof or support legs, be sure to ask them at the time you’re placing your order! We’re happy to help you with whatever we can.

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