DIY Carport Kit

DIY Carport Kit

Diy Carport Kit
You built a career, you built a home, you built a life; now, build a carport!

Welcome to the Steel World

Ah, don’t you just love the smell of a new project on the way! It’s the smell of ambition, pride, dirt, and sweat that taps into a well of excitement brimming with a new opportunity for you and your land.

We know you’re excited to build your own carport, but do you have what it takes? Are you ready for a real DIY project?

Don’t worry, even if you don’t have construction experience. Our kits come with detailed instructions and an on-the-call customer service team ready to help you. All you need is a strong work ethic, a light spirit, and a precise mind.

While you can build anything on your own (and we know you have the courage to!), for a large size carport, it can’t hurt to get a bit of help you raise the arches. Working with your buddies makes a project like this much more fun, and if you get friends to help you, it’s free labor! Free, except of course for the expenses on the 30 rack of beer for the end of the day.  Got to make sure your team stays hydrated and in high morale! 🙂

Get Extreme with a DIY Carport Kit

Yes, you can! We’ve set up diy carport kit videos to show you the process. Now don’t get intimidated, our professional carport construction team knows the ins and outs of kit construction so well that they can speed through set up in a matter of hours. Your team may need more time, a day or two, depending on how much construction experience you have, and how well you follow directions.

Here’s an example of one of the videos. We reccomend blasting metallica or megadeath for the soundtrack while you watch.

Drilling and Anchoring a DIY Carport Kit to a Pre-set Concrete Pad

Gnarly, right!? And it’d be even easier if you choose not to place a concrete pad to drill through. Concrete is extraneous. Our steel carport kits are incredibly sturdy when they’re just anchored into the sod in your backyard. We’ve even anchored diy carport kits into sandy soils and shale  that never loose their footing in loose ground, even when a hurricane roars through town.  Consider upgrading to a certified structure, which will outfit your anchors and steel paneling to handle Category 3 Hurricane winds that exceed 130 mph!

Look closely a the photo at the top of this article. Do you think that farmer trusted his carport anchored into sandy soil? He parked his trailer, his truck, and his ATV there. He certainly had enough faith and experience with our structures to know they’d guard his valuables

Why choose a DIY Carport Kit from Elephant Structures?

With customers all across the US, from the Rocky Mountains, to the Nevada desert, to hurricane zones in Florida, to sandy beach towns on the East coast, our steel carports are specially designed to adapt to any environment. Our dedication to custom designs ensures that each and every customer gets to build a carport that’s fit for the extremes of their environment as well as for their preferred style, size, color, and technological features.

So, I’ll ask you one more time, are you ready for your next real DIY project? Call us, email us, order online from us, because we’re always ready to serve you.


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