Custom Carport: A DIY Sanctuary

Imagine the possibilities of your Custom Carport!
Your custom carports from Elephant Structures are designed by you to fit your lifestyle and hobbies.

Custom Carport: Customize Your Carport the DIY Way

Need a workshop for woodworking? A mechanic shop? An artist studio? A gardening den? A man cave?

A great resource for DIY folks everywhere, Elephant Structures lets you design your own custom carport online.

Custom Carport DIY 101: What to Consider

  • Choose a closed or open air design.  Do you like to work outside? Create half walls and gables to let the sun and the summer breeze in while you work. Looking for a closed-in workspace? Add multiple windows and garage doors to the sides of your custom carport to let that breeze come through when you’re working in your studio on a hot day.
  • Do you need extra space for your workbench, for all your tools, for your vehicles, or for your sports equipment? Elephant Structures easy-to-use custom carport design software lets you alter every dimension of your carport.  Our website can even calculate the space you need based on the make and model of your car.
  • What kind of inclement weather do you expect? Fortunately, all Elephant Structures custom carports are built to stand against the elements. Wind rated up to 120 mph, our certified steel structures will protect your workspace from tropical storms and blizzards alike. Upgrade to 12 gauge certified steel to receive a warranty and to be assured that your carport will withstand the storm of the century.

Some Custom Carport Ideas to Get you Started

  • Make your carport into a Rec Room! Set up an arcade, a ping pong table, or even a roller hockey rink! Elephant Structures custom carports gets you the space you need and the durability
  • Make a run in stable for your horses! Design a custom carport with an open front, and fill the interior with hay and other amenities for your horse. Note: It’s advisable to line the roof with insulation or padding, so as the horses aren’t scared by the sound of heavy rain on a sturdy steel roof.
  • Need a little extra space to take care of grandma and grandpa or for a new addition to the family?  You could make space for the whole family to come together by transforming your custom carport into an outdoor dining room. 
  • A Home! A bit of sweat and ingenuity can transform your carport into an entire living space. Save on the huge cost of buying a home or guest house, and spend the money instead on transforming your custom carport with new furniture, windows, drapes, electricity and plumbing.

Using a little imagination, your custom built carport can become a custom built anything! A DIYer’s dream, an elephant structures custom carport is built according to your preferences to let you work with it as you please.




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