DIY Man Cave: Oufit an Olympic Game Den

DIY Man Cave: Make a Carport Game Den

DIY Man Cave
Where’s the best place in town for the men to watch the game? Your place of course!

It’s the Olympic Games, 2014, and you’ve got everything ready. You’ve put together the ultimate den for you and your friends to come back to after a long day of skiing, snowboarding, or hockey. Crack open the mini-fridge, pop a beer can, hop on the couch, turn on the games, chill out, and yell your lungs out for USA pride!

An Olympic Games Style DIY Man Cave

330f8bb54666f04c36fd0cc1d9cf887c3b38fccd1bd3ecf083pimgpsh_fullsize_distrDIY Man Cave Construction Ideas:

  • Electrical Hook-ups: How else are you going to plug in the mini fridge, the space heater, and the 60″ LED screen? Cold beer is a must-have!
  • Pool and Foosball Tables: Destroying your friends in Foosball while watching your favorite team dominate? Nothing better than that!
  • Custom Floor Plan and Styled Design: You’ll need a custom structure fit exactly the way you want it. offers the ability to customize your carport, garage, workshop, or man cave to whatever design, space, size, strength, and style specifications that you have. We build all our structures according to each one of our individual customer’s design and budget plans, enabling you to get the best space possible at the lowest price! Be sure to pick your colors of your diy man cave online to match those of your favorite team.
  • A Star Spangled Banner: Show your pride with a full length American flag, large enough to cover an entire wall of the inside of your carport! No matter team you’re rooting for, we’re all American to the core. That’s what matters.
  • DIY Install: Take pride in your own diy man cave, knowing that you installed it yourself! Elephant Structures has excellent garage and carport kits, custom tailored to your design and price preferences. DIY assembly isn’t your only option, however. You can save your energy for decking out a true DIY man cave, and leave the construction work to us. We even offer free installation and delivery on all carports, garages, and game dens!
  • Ski and Snowboard Racks: For storing all your buddies equipment after a big day on the slopes.
  • Weight Lifting Machines: So you can pump iron and train while you watch the flat screen.
  • A Big Ol’ Couch: Any comfy one will do. You can even find one on the street, gas it for lice, spray a little Lysol and Bam! Free couch.
  • Posters, Antique Bobsleds, Luges, or Pairs of Skis: Make a cozy lodge feel with a set of vintage ski posters, pin-ups, or real antique sleds and skis. These diy man cave decorations are easy to find online or out on the road, in mountain antique shops.
  • Olympic Paraphernalia: Old posters, mascots, sports gear, a snowboard signed by Sean White- if you can get one.
  • Carpet or Tile: Deck out your floors with comfy carpet, so you and the men can walk around barefoot, or with styling tile in the color of your favorite team of choice! lets each one of its customers be the designer of their DIY man cave. Try our online builder and dictate your personal style, spacial, and functional preferences from the comfort of your computer. Quit daydreaming about the mancave you want, and take action!

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Image Source: 2010-24,  Tim Hipps,
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