Dress Up a Carport

Dress up a Carport into Extra Living Space!

Dress Up a Carport
Make your carport feel at home with these tips from Elephant Structures.

You may think that success stories of people who have converted their carport into an extra living space are few and far between, but there are in fact many ingenious ways to complete the endeavor to dress up a carport into an extra bedroom, a comfy spot to hang out in, or a workshop and hobby studio.

Tips to Dress Up a Carport

Even the most experienced craftsmen might feel like they need some help to dress up a carport. Here are a few tips to transform your Elephant Structures Carport into a comfy, new living space!

  • Clean out your garage! You don’t want to spend the whole time organizing your old stuff, because this renovation is about the new stuff.  Here’s some help on this first step to dress up a carport.
  • If your Elephant Structure’s carport is open-air, give us a call. We have all the parts you need to upgrade your carport into an enclosed space for cheap. Carport.com can also help you put in more windows to get some light in the space.
  • Hire an electrician to safely wire your structure.
  • Put in a new carpet or set of rugs on that concrete base.
  • Bring in lamps, tube lighting, or even Christmas lights. All you have to do to make the place feel like home is flip a switch.
  • Buy lots of plants. Succulents and some species of cacti do great indoors, and they’ll give your carport a homey, natural feel.
  • Arrange couches, desks, and furniture for a cozy feel. Concentrate on filling the corners and dividing up a room into several spaces, each with a different use. Make a desk into a bar, a cabinet into a tool shed, and place couches and cushions around the edges of the room to give it a softer feel.
  • Spend time making the entrance look good. Place out door ferns on either side of the door, install an outdoor light, and pick up a doormat to leave your muddy boots. A coat rack on the inside also can provide a convenient, homey fixture.
  • Consider installing insulation, especially if you’re planning on turning the space into an extra bedroom. Call us, and we can recommend reputable companies to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • Make sure your carport looks as good on the outside as it does on the inside. How? Just break out the garden hose.  The paint on our galvanized steel is guaranteed not to chip or flake for three decades. Dust, dirt, or grime that accumulates on steel can be washed away with a hose or a little bit of detergent, if it’s really stubborn.

Dress up a Carport Online

Remember that Elephant Structures carports are 100% customizable on carport.com. Check out the builder application on our website to design a space that you can transform and upgrade into whatever you want. Let us know how your renovations are going on Facebook and Twitter. We love to hear your comments and questions.


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