Durable Carport: Invest for the Elements

A Durable Carport to Shelter your Investments from the Elements

The weather’s getting crazier in this country, and that’s why we’ve designed a durable carport that will protect your vehicles, tools, and other valuable investments at home.

Invest for the Elements with a Durable Carport
Elephant Structures has a durable carport custom designed for every climate!

We’ve Got a Durable Carport for Every Climate in the 48 States

In order to provide durable carports for 48 states across the US, Elephant Structures has to be assured that our structures prove their quality against thunderstorms, blizzards, gales, and dust storms. We’ve designed a durable carport that will last for years in any US climate.

Why use heavy duty steel to craft a durable carport? Check out this precipitation map from the National Climatic Data Center that shows the Southeast “drenched by record and near-record amounts of rain.”  We know that high precipitation comes along with frequent rainstorms with potentially damaging winds. A certified structure from Elephant structure is built with 12 gauge steel and a reinforced structure that without a doubt will protect against heavy rain, hail, and high winds of 130mph. Able to combat anything from a mild tropical storm to a Category Three Hurricane, that’s an expertly designed, durable carport for you!

Why give you the option of customizing your carport with windows, garage doors, and half-open walls? We at elephant structures know the wide range of climates that our US customers live in. We developed our online Build ID software to make it easy for you to customize your carport online and to design a shelter specific to your region and your needs. For example, after experiencing a hot, dry June in the Southwest, a customer looking for a durable carport to house his woodworking shop would be more concerned about shade and letting in a cool breeze. This Southwestern customer could easily go online to www.carport.com and design a carport with a few windows on each of its walls to let the cold morning in and to keep the hot afternoons out. In minutes, the customer would have his design, his cost, and would be ready for a free installation of his durable carport in no time!

Certified Structures: A Durable Carport makes a Durable Investment

Consider the advantages of ordering a certified structure, and save money in the long term with a durable carport that you can depend on for years to come. Our certified structures are wind, rain, and snow rated, so whether you’re expecting sunny days or snowy nights, Elephant Structures has got you covered.


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