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Elephant Structures Has Satisfied Customers

Elephant Structures is dedicated to bringing top of the line products paired along with unparalleled customer service. Our garages are everywhere throughout the country, accompanied by a satisfied customer(s) somewhere nearby. We hear from our customers all the time, and some of them are compelled to leave testimonials. We recently received a testimonial we’d like to share with you, our loyal and perhaps future customers. A carport was built for Wayne L. in North Carolina. He wrote to us commending our service regarding his purchase of a 22′ Wide x 21′ Long x 7′ High Garage. Below we have his testimonial, and the crew building the garage in photos.

“Just wanted to let you know that the guys came and installed my carport. They did a wonderful job, I am tickled to death with it. It looks great. Thank you all for doing such a great job. Hope to do business with you all in the future. Thanks again, Wayne L.



Here the installers are laying out the steel and erecting the frame. The peaks are put on to help sustain the rest of the frame. Note, this can easily be done by you and a friend if you decide to purchase a garage as a DIY kit.


This pictures shows the rest of the frame upright, as well as the paneling being added on to complete the enclosure. It may appear that the garage is simple in it’s construction, that’s because it is. The engineering of the truss system that we use on our structures and the strength of the steel combine to make a structure unparalleled in the market. The two 6′ x 6′ garage door frame-outs are seen here as well. We offer more sizes of garage doors, and even frame-outs in case you want to get your own garage doors installed.


More panels are added, and the roof paneling is applied after the bottom of the structure is aligned perfectly. A crew member is checking the bottom paneling to ensure that the structure is as watertight as it can be within reason. To make your structure truly watertight we recommend having a concrete foundation that extends flush with the structure you purchase or past it. Then, add sealant to the bottom.

This is the back of the structure with a walk-in door attached. This garage is pretty simple in nature, and can be customized much further than what is depicted above. Nevertheless, this is what Wayne wanted, and we were happy to give him 110%. Try out our builder on the website to find out what’s possible for immediate customization. You can find the builder here, and obtain instant local pricing for your structure. Also, the builder will render your building immediately even as you change attributes. Here’s a render of the structure above:



You’ll also recieve a BuildID in case you want to order your building at a later or date or leave it to be customized later. You can also give your BuildID to a building representative if you wish to order directly from a person, but it’s quick and simple online ordering directly from the website as well. Here is the BuildID from the structure Wayne ordered: 222108aclccc4nclhclhtn-2000000000000000000001000000-0|0. There’s no need to copy and paste it immediately, as we have share buttons just above where the BuildID is. Just click to easily use Facebook, Twitter, or Email.

Elephant Structures Does it Right the First Time

We take great pride knowing that our customers are extremely satisfied with our day to day business. We don’t ask our customers to understand the installers make mistakes, because we make sure that every building is built to the highest quality. Wayne’s testimonials proves that.  A relatively simple  garage is a serious deal for us, not because of the sales opportunity but because of the opportunity to prove our dedication to the satisfaction of our customers. We’ve been in the metal structure business for a long time, and we’ve learned that the main directive is a happy customer who has had every option available to them along the way. Customization and dedication have built this business, and they forever remain integral tenets of our company. Call now for a free consultation and remember, every building comes with free installation and delivery.


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