Enclosing a Carport into a Garage

Enclosing a Carport into a Garage

 Elephant Structures are Highly Convertible which makes Enclosing a Carport into a Garage easy as pie!

Enclosing a Carport into a Garage
Transform your carport into a garage, a mechanic shop, a workshop, a man cave, or an extra room!

While Elephant structures manufactures custom designs for new customers in 48 states across the US, we also strive to provide for our existing customers who are interested in upgrading their carports. The parts used for Elephant carports are designed for optimum versatility, which enables both new and existing customers to change their carport at any time, replacing walls and garage doors and enclosing open air carports into garages, sheds, workshops, and man caves.

Low Cost Custom Designs

If you currently own a carport from another company, you might be surprised to hear that it’d be much cheaper to get a brand new custom carport delivered to your doorstep. The costs for enclosing a carport into a garage can exceed $5000 for some folks! Not with elephant structures- a new covered garage from us would be a fifth of the price. Not only that, but you’ll get free installation and delivery when you order from carport.com. Our carports have a long life, and are adaptable at any point in their life span.

Easy to Meet Building Requirements

You can be sure they’ll meet building requirements when you request a “certified” structure.  Making this upgrade ensures that your carport will exceed all the building codes in your area, with heavy snow load ratings and wind resistance that exceeds 130mph. Certified structures come with an extended warranty and a submittable copy of your building plan, making it easy to apply for a permit from your local government office.  That’s the convenience of teaming up with Elephant Structures, a company that’s there for you before, during, and after you order one of our quality structures!

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