Environmental Steel Carport

Steel is an Environmentally Friendly Material

Steel is one of the best resources one can use to construct a structure in today’s world. Relative to other resources, it is much better for the environment in many different ways. Just a few of them are:

  • Steel is 100% recyclable and can be recycled as many times as needed without losing strength properties.
  • Using metal preserves our trees. Where a house may need an acre of forest chopped in order to be constructed, it would conversely only need about six or seven cars worth of recycled steel.
  • Steel production is environmentally friendly. Steel producers typically recycle materials and produce low emissions.
  • Our pre-fabricated buildings require little construction time, no machinery to construct, and few labor hours which reduces energy consumption.
  • Insulate one of our steel buildings and save on heating and cooling, costing you and our environment less. Steel is great for reducing HVAC energy.
  • Where other materials rot, break, or simply degrade, a metal carport, garage, or barn will not falter. Metal buildings rarely need to be replaced, and therefore require less materials to be built over the life-time of the product.
  • A metal structure is good for the GREEN certification as well!

The world is changing. Climate change is reported by scientists to make America hotter, drier, and prone to natural disasters and other extreme weather patterns. We can expect the number of days with 95 degree weather to continue to increase in number, with drought becoming more probable for the nation, not just the Midwest. The company named Tesla, owned by Elon Musk, has recently released all their patents regarding their fully electric cars and chargers to the public in an attempt to build a more environmental future together. This is a move that could have an effect on the way your carport serves you. You can contract a solar company to build solar panels onto your carport, and if you have an electric vehicle, in the very near future it may be easy to get your hands on a Tesla Super Charger.

steel carport

We can all do our part in an effort for a better, sustainable world and country. Purchasing a steel carport as opposed to one made of a different material is a great start. Call us at (855) CAR-PORT to speak to an expert sales engineer today!

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