A metal structure from Elephant survives flooding better than traditional wood buildings.

Rising Water? No Problem for a Metal Structure

Weather is one of the few things that all of us are forced to deal with. From freezing winter temperatures to the sweltering summer sun, our habits are affected by even the smallest changes in our climate. A light drizzle or a windy afternoon may go totally unnoticed by most people. However, severe weather can make even the most hardened outdoorsman run for shelter.

Over the past few months, rainfall on the west coast has reached record levels. As a result, the Oroville Dam in northern California has suffered serious structural issues to both of its spillways. At one point last week, hundreds of thousands of nearby residents were forced to evacuate from their homes in fear of massive flooding. Additional rainfall has pounded the region and has caused additional flooding, leaving residents worried and anxious. Even today, Californians are bracing for another round of storms. Like the ones before, these could trigger devastating landslides and lead to more rising water.

The Significance of Flood Damage

Since 2004, flooding has caused more than $110 billion in property damage and destroyed countless homes across the United States. The physical damage inflicted by a severe storm can be staggering. However, flooding and rising water can cause serious and lasting structural issues in most buildings. The wooden frames on residential homes and garages can become waterlogged and warped, ruining the structural strength. Insulation, carpet, or other fibrous materials can also retain water after flooding and may need to be totally replaced. Water trapped inside and between walls can inhibit the growth of mold and mildew, leading to serious health issues and structural problems. HVAC and electrical components, including wiring within the walls, are a total loss. Almost every component of the home would need to be examined and replaced following a significant flood.

Following a flood, wood framed structures are essentially uninhabitable and structurally dangerous. Knowing if you live in a flood-prone area, as well as having a response plan in the case of any emergency, can help you protect your family and property from damaging and dangerous flood waters.

Total Protection with a Metal Structure

Another great feature of a metal structure from Elephant is its resilience against water and moisture. Once the water has receded, our metal buildings emerge strong and dry with no need to worry about the metal structure being compromised by water damage. Wooden garages and sheds can suffer lasting damage as a result of flooding, unlike our durable and versatile buildings.

If you’ve had to deal with a flooding disaster or property damage as a result of rising water, you should seriously consider a metal structure over wood. You can customize your own affordable and tough metal structure using our online build tool. Make an investment that will last – enhance your property with a metal structure from Elephant.


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