20x21 Steel Garage with Boxed Eave Roof

Fully Installed Affordable Metal Garages

20x21 Steel Garage with Boxed Eave Roof

When shopping for custom metal garages you have different options available, such as ordering a kit or having the garage fully installed. If you choose to have the garage installed, you may need to obtain permits for the construction project in your area, as well as prepare the space you want the garage installed. You can obtain assistance from the company you purchase your garage from, such as Carport, which will let you know what needs to be completed before installation can begin.

Design Your Own Metal Garages Online

When you want to replace your existing garage or add another metal garage for additional storage you can custom design the size and layout which best suits your needs. If you have an RV and need a covered space to park the RV when not in use, you can design a garage large enough to hold the RV with space left over for other items, such as lawn mowers, boats, and other outdoor equipment.

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