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Garage Carports: Keep it Wild Outside


Custom Built Garage Carports from Elephant Structures
Garage carports from Elephant Structures will protect your offroad vehicle and DIY mechanic shop when you park your  car at home.

Offroading is pretty much the most fun you can ever have in a car. In order to maintain a tough vehicle that handles well in mud holes and over boulders, you’re going to need a safe place to park it along with all your gear.  Let your vehicle go wild outside, but keep it safe in a dry, covered carport when it’s at home.

When you drive back home covered in the mud and the dirt, you’ll need a garage carport to protect your vehicle against the elements, in durable, reliable condition. It also helps to know a few mechanical basics so that you can take care of your car before you go out running over boulders. It gets expensive bringing that wrangler into the body shop every month, so why not save a little and DIY?! Here’s a list of basic vehicle maintenance procedures that you could do easily in garage carports before you hit the trail. Need I mention that Elephant Structures garage carports make great home mechanic shops? Design a carport with room to store your tools, your winches, and your extra parts safely alongside your offroading vehicle.

Garage Carports provide a Home Base for an Offroad Lifestyle

Elephant Structures lets you customize garage carports online, so that you can build a carport exactly to your needs. For all our garage carports, you get to pick your dimensions, your colors, your walls, your windows, your mechanical garage doors, and your roof style. Use our Garage Carports Sizer application to make sure your car fits into the carport you’ve designed. The car sizer will tell you the dimensions of your vehicle based on the make and model. You can base the size of your carport around that, though you may need to calculate a little extra room for that jacked up pickup truck!

 Stay in Touch for Tips about Garage Carports

For more tips on choosing affordable, reliable garage carports for you, check out our website.  If you’ve got questions, comments, or awesome offroad stories, share them with us on Facebook and Twitter. Keep on shredding!


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