Garage Lean to Carport

Garage Lean to Carport
Build a spacious three tier garage with an additional carport or design a carport to attach to the side of your home.

Garage Lean to Carport

Building a Garage Lean to Carport or attaching a carport to a current garage is easy for Elephant Structures Customers

Looking for a shelter to house your boat for the winter? Want a little extra space on the side of your garage to store your tools, to have your own little mechanic shop, to park a collection of cars?

While most carport manufacturers only have a limited choice of designs to choose from, Elephant Structures lets customers personalize their garages and carports to fit their ideal. We developed an easy-to-use virtual garage builder application to meet the needs of the variety of customers who choose to work with us.  Using our website, customers can try out as many designs as they like by building a virtual model from the ground up.

It’s easy to keep within a budget while you’re building your model since the price of your garage lean to carport will update as you add and remove features from it.  We also encourage you to personalize your carport, to let us know about extra features that you’d be interested in (like insulation or concrete flooring), and to call us to ask about what you’re using your carport for so we can give you a few tips that have helped our customers in the past. With experience working with all sorts of people in 48 states and a wide range of climates, we value the individual needs of each and every one of our customers.

If you’re looking for a custom carport to attach to your house or covered garage, we recommend you try out our garage lean to carport builder application. On this site you’ll be able to build an open air carport, a covered garage for multiple cars, a covered shed with an attached garage, and even an RV carport. If you’re looking to build a stand-alone garage lean to carport, try out our barn building application. Our “barns” are three tiered steel structures that give you a little more space and ceiling height than a regular carport. There are three sections for you to customize, a multifunctional and highly adaptable building. The garage pictured above was originally an Elephant Barns design. A few garage doors and an added carport lean to for a boat gave this customer the space and protection they needed.

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