Garage Workshop

Garage Workshop

Carports and covered garages make great workshop spaces, especially if they’ve from Elephant Structures. Elephant carports and garage workshops can be designed into the perfect space for your hobbies using our online custom builder. Not only that, but they’re highly versatile structures, able to be updated at any time. So when you’re customizing your space for a new hobby or a group of old friends, an Elephant garage workshop will serve you well.

Garage workshop
Check out this dual functioning space with a carport patio to park a car, and a full size garage to house a hobby.

Here’s a few things to keep in mind when designing your garage workshop, man cave, mechanic shop or woodworking shop:

  • Pour a concrete foundation so that you can later put in floor tiles.
  • Hire an electrician so you can pipe some tunes, use electric tools, plug in a beer fridge, and get a space heater for work in the winter
  • Workbench, No matter what kind of hobby you’re going for, a workbench is an essential feature which will maximize your space for the best storage and desk space possible.
  • Shelving, wall mounts hanging storage space. Often, these can be simple as screw in hooks in the wall, which provide you lots of extra room to work, and keeps your tools organized.
  • An automatic garage door opener and automatic work lights, so that when you work in your driveway in the evening you’ll have light to guide you and won’t smack a toe.
  • Tool supply.  This changes based on what you’re doing, but you’ll pretty much always need the basics: Flathead and Phillips head screwdriver, a hammer, a saw, a set of paint brushes, a couple sizes of clamps, a wrench, an Allen wrench, a crow bar, and a jack for your car.
  • Consider calling a plumber to get a sink put in, or set up an accessible hose from outside. Fresh, clean water is always useful, whether you’re undertaking a dirty project or working on a hot day in summer.

With a little sweat expended, garages and carports can be transformed into any space you desire. For further inspiration, check out this interesting article about a guy who suited up his garage workshop into a basic blacksmiths shop by installing an anvil, a kiln, and a clamp. For more information about Elephant Structures or about our custom garage workshops, check out our updates on Facebook and Twitter.

Or, if you’re feeling inspired, start designing your own garage workshop today!






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