How a Car Port First Got Its Name

18x21 2 Car Boxed Eave Carport

In the early 1900s after the invention of the automobiles, and airplanes, there was a need created to have an area to store these items when not in use. Airplanes were placed in large metal structures, and the area with these buildings and the runway quickly became known as an airport. The structure used to park cars under followed similar ideas that were used to name airports and became to be known as a car-port.

Create Your Own Covered Parking with a Carport

Living in different areas may not present you with a covered place to park your car. When you live in a neighborhood where the houses are crammed close together, you often do not have a much of a front or back yard, let alone a garage. You may have a small driveway area available to park your car, but does not provide protection against elements or from the sun. However, you can install a carport over your existing driveway and create your own covered parking space.

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