How to Build a Wooden Carport

Before Looking up How to Build a Wooden Carport, Consider Steel

How to Build a Wooden Carport
Choose stylish steel over the expenses and the structural costs of a wooden structure.

Before you question how to build a wooden carport, consider a durable, affordable, stylish steel Elephant Structure instead. Here’s a few reasons why steel beats wood in carport designs.

Steel vs. Wood

  • Price: With all the expenses of contracting, hiring the labor for, and the hassle of building a wooden garage attachment, you’ll save thousands of dollars with a steel carport of better value.
  • Fire Resistance: A steel carport will stand up to a fire much better than a wooden carport.
  • Color Fading:  The color on your custom steel carport is guaranteed not to chip, flake, or fade for three decades. All you’ll ever have to do to clean a steel carport is to rinse it with a garden hose. That’s it! A little water, and it looks brand new.
  • Customizable and Upgradable Features:  Our carports are customizable and DIY friendly. Build any design of carport you want with our builder application on, adding windows, walls, garage doors, entrances, colors, and styles as you need them. We’ll install and deliver your carport for free, but will give you a small DIY discount as a tip of a hat to your industrious spirit.
  • Rot, Mold, and Critter Resistance: Steel carports aren’t susceptible to the forces of corrosion that actively weaken wooden structures. Resistant to rot, mold, termites and burrowing creatures, steel carports will keep their strength for decades to come.
  • Sustainability: A wooden carport will not give you sustainability or green benefits. Steel carports are 100% recyclable. Also, they can be secured right into the ground, preventing dangerous chemical run-off from car from entering the sewers, lakes, and drinking water, by letting any exhaust drips soak into the ground. Protect your belongings and the environment by buying a steel carport from Elephant Structures.

Consider steel for your new barn, a new workshop, mechanic shop, or storage shed! There’s always a list of reasons against choosing how to build a wooden carport.

 Wondering how to Build a Wooden Carport? Don’t!

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