Inventing the Automobile Resulted in Creating a Carport

With the invention of the automobile, people now found that they often had nowhere to store their new car. The problem was that most homes did not have garages, since automobiles were a new invention. Early automobiles were often left exposed to the elements, including rain and snow, which made driving in wet seats unpleasant. Eventually people came up with the idea to build a structure which provided a cover over their cars, which was originally called an auto space, but eventually became to be known as a carport.

Modern Carport Designs

Early carports were often made out of wood, which was readily available, but could deteriorate over time due to termites and wood rot.

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Modern metal carport designs are made out of steel frames, with metal roofs which offer protection against the sun, rain, snow and other harsh elements. Side walls can be added to carports offering even further protection. People can design their own units online at Carport.Com, which offers custom carports, garages, and barns.

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