Enjoying your indoor outdoor living area with friends

Make More of Your Indoor-Outdoor Living Space

Planning an Indoor-Outdoor Space

Indoor-outdoor living spaces have become the real estate must have. Not only do they add valuable entertaining space to a home, but they also allow you to enjoy fresh air and the natural beauty of the great outdoors.

Creating an indoor-outdoor living area is easier than you may think. If you’re looking to add square footage to your property, consider using an enclosed garage with extended carport or an open lean-to as a covered patio or storage space. By providing a roof, you’re able to protect your furnishings from the weather, which will extend their useful lifespan.

Indoor-Outdoor Living Ideas

We’ve compiled a list of backyard ideas to turn your home into a relaxing, entertaining haven that your friends and family will love to visit. Stay on top of the trends in garden design with these ways to transform your outdoor space into fabulous, functional indoor-outdoor living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens.

Outdoor Living Room

An outdoor living space is perfect for entertaining guests during the warm season. Choose a cozy nook and add an assortment of furniture, like a couch or hammock. You can add ambiance (and a bit of heat to chilly nights) with a stylish and practical fire pit table to encourage conversation well into the night. If you have the space and the budget, a full size fireplace can also be a great focal point for an outdoor living room. On the other hand, you could choose to focus your outdoor living space on a different element, like water. Fountains and ponds are also popular backyard ideas that add an interesting feature to indoor-outdoor living.

Enjoying dinner and cocktails in your indoor outdoor living area

Dining Room

One of the recent trends in garden design is to incorporate your dining room into your backyard garden. Eating surrounded by plants and nature creates a calming ambiance and is the perfect way to enjoy warm summer nights. Be sure to string some lights so you can take advantage of this peaceful oasis even after sunset. Delicate fairy lights add a magical look and are one of the top backyard ideas for ways to add character on a budget.


Having an outdoor kitchen area makes it easier to prepare a meal while getting to mix and mingle with friends and family outside. Set up a small kitchen space with a counter to prep appetizers and a grill to show off your amazing barbecue skills. You could even add a wet bar to mix cocktails. Since the cost of a kitchen can add up quickly, consider making a list of the items that you must have versus the ones that you would like but can live without. Encourage guests to hang out with the chef in the kitchen by adding some seating, like bar stools.

Take Advantage of Indoor-Outdoor Living

If you’re lucky enough to have access to an indoor-outdoor living set-up, be sure to take advantage of it. Add lots of cozy seating, soft lighting and unique features, like fire pits and fountains, to create an entertaining oasis in your backyard that both you and your guests will love. The list of backyard ideas could go on and on but these trends in garden design will help you get started on creating the indoor-outdoor living space of your dreams.

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