Massive Warehouse Hits the Market in Maryland

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Realtors have a name for a piece of property which doesn’t meet most people’s budgets or tastes, like a dilapidated mansion or an abandoned amusement park. They are called “white elephants.”

One building that is about to hit the market in Maryland is a perfect example of a white elephant.

A Very, Very Big Warehouse

Appliance chain hhgregg has announced that the company was downsizing and will close 88 stores nationwide, including all of its Greater Washington locations. The arrival of this news meant that the company would also cease operations at and vacate one of their distribution centers. As a result, a 393,000 square foot warehouse and distribution center in suburban Maryland has hit the real-estate market.

This same warehouse was initially developed in 1998 for Circuit City, another electronics and appliance giant that struggled and ultimately shut down nearly ten years ago. The property is located in Brandywine in Prince George’s County, right off Route 301. It sits on a 29-acre parcel and features 49 docking bays, a total area the size of seven football fields, and 13,000 square feet of office space. The facility will be available after June 1st and although its massive size, is actually expected to see a lot of demand thanks to the scarcity of existing facilities and available land in the area. Similar facilities in other parts of the country may go vacant for years before the property is utilized or otherwise attended to.

Need Something More Practical and Realistic?

A facility of this size and magnitude would likely cost a small fortune to rent and operate each month. If you’re searching for something a bit more modest and affordable, check out the selection available through Carport.com and Elephant Structures.


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