Metal barn crafted from a carport with horse gating inside.

Metal Barns Crafted From Carports

Re-purposing buildings is really “in” right now. Making old, no longer in-use buildings into usable, functional spaces is both sustainable and easy on your wallet. With that in mind, this blog post is going to help you transition your out-of-use or no longer needed carports into functional metal barns.

Elephant Metal Barns Can Be Made From Steel Carports

Carports Are Just Metal Barns Without Walls

Elephant Structures metal carports (or really any carports that were manufactured well and taken care of) can easily be converted into metal barns. As you can see in the picture above, an old carport with a utility shed can easily become a metal horse barn with just a few small additions.

Of course the main thing you’ll need if you’re looking to convert carports into metal barns is gating, fencing, or some other sort of stall divider. Your horses need to be contained in some way, and the addition of stalls to your carport makes it look the part of a barn straight off the bat.

If your metal barns are going to be where your horses spend most of their days, consider running electricity out to them so you can install fans, lights, or other electrically wired options that would be convenient and nice to have.

Where are you going to store feed, tack, and other horse accessories? If you are working with a structure that was originally a utility carport, the shed portion may be the perfect place for these things. If not, it is fairly simple to enclose an open end and craft a new utility shed for this purpose.

If you’d like to order one of our brand new metal barns, head over to Elephant Barns’ website to learn more. If you’re more interested in a Carport, or want to talk about different metal building options, give us a call at 855-CAR-PORT.

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