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Our Metal Building Kits Fit Your Every Need

What Can You Get From a Metal Building Kit?

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We understand here at Elephant Structures that there is always a need for extra storage, not necessarily because we have more stuff than we used to either. Really, because times are harder than they were a decade ago and people are opting for smaller homes. When you have a family, or a business, or a hobby, you may consider purchasing a building you can customize and create for your specific needs without breaking the bank. Whether it’s a horse barn, a hangout hut, a simple garage, or a workshop area, we have metal building kits for all. Our metal building kits are made out of steel, and some of the finest in the business we might add. We have several different options regarding the tier of building you might want, and many more regarding the type of building. If you want something strong, that will last a while, get the job done you require, add property value to your home, and increase your quality of life, we have a metal building kit for you. Guaranteed.

Our History and Experience in the Metal Building Business

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We’ve been in the metal building industry for over 37 years, and we’ve learned how to make sure our buildings cover a wide range of requirements for our customers, while maintaining a level of quality and affordability unsurpassed by our competitors. Some competitors may say this isn’t possible,but this is only because they shortcut on materials or don’t cooperate with a team of industry leading engineers to design their metal building kits. Our kits have been used to construct a myriad of high profile buildings, including air craft hangars and large commercial warehouses. We’ve made countless metal barn kits, greenhouses, even homes. We have the knowledge to construct whatever it is you require, simply ask. Our building kits come pre-manufactured, and all of your necessary pieces come with each kit. We do not include tools, but we have an article that explains what it is you will need to build the carport. DIY is becoming increasingly popular these days, as more of us seek control over our ability to positively influence our lives. The versatility offered when your own hand is making the decisions is key to this. The best way to get what you want and add a personal touch is to purchase a metal building kit and construct it yourself when adding metal storage.

Regulations and Permits

When it comes to permits often customers are not aware that many counties require a permit to build, even for things like carport kits and small sheds. Our staff is fully versed on what it takes to meet county building requirements and can help walk you through the process. We can provide you with engineered drawings for your permit, and ensure that your certified carport, metal garage or other structure has the correct wind and snow load ratings and other specifications needed to stand up to all required building codes. Elephant Structures wants to make it easy on you to get the affordable, quality metal building that you purchased. We are willing to work with you closely to ensure work is done to your specifications. With this building process tailored to you and your needs, there is no need to go out of your way to pick up your own materials and do it yourself! Trust the professionals at Elephant Structures to take care of your order in an efficient and timely manner. All that’s left to you is to enjoy and make use of your beautiful new structure!




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