Metal Buildings Makeover – The Garage Gym

Metal Buildings garage gym
Transform an ordinary garage into your personal get-swole santuary!

Tired of dropping tons of money on a gym membership? Building a gym in your home is easy, affordable and definitely pays off in results. Design your own personal gym and get buff in the sanctuary of your own home. In fact, why not save all that money on expensive gym memberships, and invest in a multifunctional steel garage that will store your extra stuff, shelter your cars from inclement weather, and provide you with much needed personal space. Build the ultimate man cave to reach your full potential!

Why you Should Make Metal Buildings into Personal Workout Spaces

  • A garage is a one time easy investment that will keep paying you back as you use it. A gym membership is an expensive weight in your pocket that never goes away. Who said keeping in shape should cost you your lunch money? Build a metal garage and skip the membership fees. What right have they to put a price tag on a well-sculpted body!
  • Don’t we all spend enough of our lives sitting in a car during our daily commute? Having a garage at home means that you’ll never waste your workout time sitting in traffic. You could work out every day for only 20 or 30 minutes and see results. That’s probably the same amount of time you’d spend driving back and forth from the gym. Save your time for what matters in the convenience of your driveway.
  • Worried about staying warm in a metal building all year round? Contact Elephant Structures, and our advisers will be happy to fill you in on the details of insulating metal buildings and installing an electrical system. With electricity in the building you’ll be able to put in a space heater, a high-tech speaker system- Hell, you can even bring in an LCD screen!

For the details on gym equipment you’ll need, read up on these DIY Tips from The Art of Manliness. They’ll tell you exactly how to transform metal buildings into the garage gym of your dreams.

Elephant Structures is an American company dedicated to improving the lives of our customers with custom made metal buildings built exactly to preference. To learn more about our company, and to receive more manly tips for your garage and carport, check out our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter!




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