Metal Buildings Makeovers – The Garage Mechanic

Metal Buildings Makeovers – The Garage Mechanic

Ever take your car into the mechanic shop, drop a few hundred (let’s hope it’s only that much!) and spend the whole time driving home think, “Hell, I could’ve done that myself, but I don’t have the tools or the space for it!”

Elephant Structures has an idea for you. Why not save the money that disappears into the black hole of the mechanic’s shop, and invest it in a garage of your own, right in your backyard. Think of how much you could save annually if you fixed up your car, the family cars, your wife’s convertible, and your neighbor’s car yourself. With a little know-how and a lot of ambition, you could even be on the way to starting a small business in your garage!

Metal Buildings Mechanic Shop Garage
Save money on expensive auto maintenance by Doing-It-Yourself!

Excited by the idea, but don’t have the current garage space to do it? Custom design your very own garage mechanic shop from Elephant Structures, and have it delivered and installed in your backyard for free!

Our custom carports are perfect for the DIY garage mechanic. They’re reliable, affordable, and they can be designed, bought, delivered, and assembled in a matter of weeks. Our online BuildID system makes us different than other garage and carport suppliers, as we let our customers design every feature of their new garage to their exact specifications online. Design the mechanic shop of your dreams online, send it in to us, and in no time, your brand new garage mechanic shop will be at your door.

Metal Buildings Makeovers – Links for the DIY Garage Mechanic

  • And here’s a most comprehensive list of tools you’ll need in metal buildings mechanic shop, for all the DIYers who take pride in the details.
  • While all Elephant metal buildings come with free installation and delivery, we do offer a DIY discount for anyone who assembles their shop themselves. Hats off to you!

A supplier of carports, garages, and custom metal buildings for customers in 48 states across America, you can rely on an Elephant garage to be the perfect fit and function for you.

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