Metal Carport Canopy

At Elephant Structures, we have everything you could ask for in a metal carport canopy. Designing your carport is fun and easy, providing you the strongest protection with your unique style. Design your metal carport canopy with Elephant Structures for protection from rain, hail, snow, leaves, and any element you can imagine that might damage your vehicle.

Metal Carport Canopy from Elephant Structures

Metal Carport Canopy from Elephant Structures Protects Your Ride

Leaving your car out in the open isn’t always the best idea. Who among us hasn’t found dents in our cars from falling hail? Who hasn’t been late to work because of the numbing task of digging their car out of the snow? A metal carport canopy can take care of that.

Let’s say you miss the weather update. A blizzard comes sweeping through your town overnight. The town does what it can to mitigate the hazards of snow, by scraping the roads, laying salt, etc. But what about your car? We all know how the cold makes us want to stay in bed. You might wake up late. You may even wake up at the same time you usually do. You look outside, and there, in your driveway, is a pile of snow. Your car is somewhere underneath it.

But if your car is sheltered under a metal carport canopy, you don’t have nearly as much to worry about. The hail that fell in the night? It hit the carport, never to touch your precious ride. Our carports can withstand that kind of weather. That’s what they’re designed for: To absorb harsh weather conditions, and to make your life easier. The fact that they’re fully customizable? Well, that’s an added perk of buying from Elephant Structures, not to mention the proven unmatched strength we provide with each metal structure.

Design your metal carport canopy using our online builder at and spend less morning time shoveling snow, more time enjoying a nice hot cup of coffee.

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