Metal Carport: Let’s Customize

Imagine your own metal carport.

metal carport
Great job!

Now imagine the rush of pulling into the all-steel protection of this metal carport. Like driving into a protective pod with no walls. Or with three solid walls. Or two, or one. That’s the beauty of it: you can imagine your metal carport with as many walls as you want.

But why would you use your imagination on a carport, when there’s an online building system that lets you design your metal carport with the click of a button? Wouldn’t you rather use your imagination on other things, like a car that grows wings and can fly higher than a rain cloud? That’s something we, as 21st-century Americans, don’t have. But what we do have is something strong, something attainable, and something practical. We have a metal carport.

But keep imagining your metal carport. Imagine what color panels will best complement your house. Imagine which of our three roof styles says, “Take your best shot, weather!” in your unique tone of voice. Imagine a skilled team of builders installing a carport for one, two, or even three cars! Now imagine the quality steel, the years of protection you’ll get for your vehicles and equipment.

Now go make it a reality.

Elephant Structures carports aren’t your run-of-the-mill metal sheds. These metal carports are designed with your needs in mind. Width, height, color, roof—it’s all custom. Our world is populated by many different vehicle designs; why would you settle for just any old carport? Your car is an expression of you, right? Well then, so is your carport.

Learn how to design your very own metal carport by calling or visiting our online builder. We’ll guide you through the easy, step-by-step process of designing and buying the perfect carport. And with free delivery and installation, your shopping experience just got better.

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