Metal carport used as a truck cover with utility shed and roll up garage door.

Metal Carport Installation Prep

If you’ve recently purchased a metal carport or other steel structures, you’re probably eagerly awaiting your installation date. Because our installers immensely appreciate a prepared installation site (they’ll be in and out in no time!), you should preoccupy yourself with getting your site ready while you wait.

Metal Carport with Utility Shed by Elephant Structures

Metal Carport Site Preparation Steps

To begin prepping for your metal carport, ensure that the ground space that you have chosen is level within about three to four inches (you want all four of your corners to touch the ground for stability, don’t you?).

If you intend on pouring a concrete pad (you do not have to have one of these for installation, it is optional), make sure all that is finished and dried by your metal carport installation date, as the installers will not be able to work with a wet pad. We do not offer concrete slab pouring services, but we encourage you to look for slab services in your local area if you don’t want to pour slab yourself.

Be sure to remove any electrical wires less than fifteen feet above the intended height of the structure and verify that no underground utilities will be impacted by the installation process of your new metal carport or other steel structure. This is important for your safety as well as the safety of the installers that will be on your site.

For more detailed information on Elephant Structures’ installation process (complete with pictures!), visit our installation info page. Remember every metal carport and other Elephant Structures building is sold with FREE delivery and installation!

If you have read over all of our materials and you still have questions about prepping your metal carport installation site, or if you have any other questions about the installation process or otherwise,  feel free to give us a call at 855-CAR-PORT.

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